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Being a technophile can be frustrating

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Even though one of the first lines on the tutorial is :"This tutorial targets Rails 4.0.0, and may need slight adaptations for other versions. Let us know if you run into something strange!", I happily ignored the requirement, updated my Ubuntu distro, and started the tutorial, all went swimmingly until part 5 of the tutorial.... "We can create a before_filter which will run before the new and create actions of our authors_controller.rb. Open that controller and put all this code in:"... suddenly blogger website went belly-up, I checked and rechecked my code, no typo's that I could find, at which point I looked (probably were I should have started), at the error displayed in the server terminal... Turns out the command has been removed from Rails 5.1, happily the rails server suggested the command that I should be using, edited the code, and back on track... until it came time to deploy to heroku..

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Comment by Kindsey

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Comment by Austin Powers

Deep man .. deep

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